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New Officer Candidates – 2014-2015

Melinda Borie
Positions of interest: President, Vice President
I am organized and principled. I believe in libraries and in serving others more generally. I am an honorable person and always strive to fulfill my duties in a timely and complete manner. I would love to be a part of building a community among the LIS students.

Carly Budzynski
Position of interest: Social Media Engineer
I have experience running Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages for the UK Engineering Library, UK LISSO, and UK ALA. I feel that social media is the best way to market the UK SLIS program and to keep people informed of what is going on at the university. I am dedicated to the program, and have really enjoyed working with ALA as their current social media engineer.

Brittany Netherton
Positions of interest: President, Vice President
The UK ALA Chapter is very important to me, and I feel I could serve our chapter members well. I have experience in event planning and fundraising, and over 10 years experience in leading various groups and organizations.  I am currently the interim Secretary, but would love the opportunity to put my leadership skills to work in a more planning and execution oriented aspect of UK ALA. I am involved in many other organizations around campus and the state and feel I could incorporate my growing network to serve as an ambassador for this program.

Tyler Nix
Positions of interest: Vice President, Secretary
I am interested in serving as the UK ALA Student Chapter Vice President or Secretary and feel that I can contribute to the strength of the chapter based on my previous work experience, my experience in professional organizations, and my current role as a graduate research assistant in SLIS. 

For example, I have hands-on experience in event planning and volunteer coordination through working in university fundraising. 

I have also served as a scholarship selection committee member of a national fundraising research organization (Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement) and served as volunteer webmaster for my home state’s chapter of the same organization. 

Working in volunteer and professional organizations has always been enjoyable and a great way to get involved, and as the current LISSO Treasurer here at UK, I’m looking for another opportunity to be better connected to the department.

Finally, as a grad assistant with SLIS, I am on campus and almost every day of the week and can be available to participate actively in future ALA meetings and events.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Lauren Robinson
Position of interest: Treasurer
As an undergraduate I was the Vice President of my student organization and as such I handled the majority of the fundraising and financial matters of the organization.  I created and led two large fundraising initiatives (a blank and hospital gown creation drive for Operation Smile as well as a Tervis Tumbler/Apparel drive) and in conjunction I handled the profits and expenditures of these fundraisers.  I think this experience will provide me with the background to excel as ALA Treasurer.

Whitney Waddell
Position of interest: Social Media Engineer
I have a passion for social media, specifically blogging and tweeting (or microblogging), and am also familiar with Facebook. One of the first things I would do as social media officer would be to streamline the chapter’s social media applications by linking accounts. For instance, if the chapter has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, then I would sync those accounts so that every tweet I made would simultaneously crosspost to Facebook. I believe that this would enable me to help grow the chapter’s social media presence by posting thoughtful, professional related tweets/blogs/FB statuses on a consistent basis.


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