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New Officer Candidates – 2013-2014

Ashley DeWitt
During the officer transition, Ashley DeWitt, the current Vice President, will assume the role of President for the 2013-2014 school year.
Position of interest: President

Renae Newhouse
I believe I am well-suited for this position because of my involvement with the ALA Mentor Program for the past year. The program was a great experience for me, and I am interested in implementing additional programs in order to further enhance SLIS students’ experiences at UK.  I am also interested in outreach and marketing, and I would be excited to reach out to new and current students about student chapter programs and opportunities. In the past, I served such student organizations as the English Graduate Student Organization as the Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Program Representative and the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society as an active member, assisting with the organization of events like the annual Poetry Marathon.
Position of interest: Vice President

Alexa Clark
This is my second year at UK in the MLIS program and I look forward to serving as a representative for ALA.
Position of interest: Secretary

Kristen Hanny
Hello, my name is Kristen Hanny. I work in electronic resources at Young Library on campus. Stop by and say hello anytime!  Next fall I will begin my 2nd year in the LIS program. I feel this past year has given me the opportunity to grow familiar with students, staff, and the LIS program. I hope to use these experiences and connections to serve our ALA student chapter as Treasurer. As Treasurer I will be responsible for financial matters and fundraising for the organization. To raise funds for the organization I will create an account on https://civicrush.com/. This is a type of social networking site which allows organizations to post fundraising events, and ask for monetary and other donations from their community. I hope for this to raise funds for ALA which we can use to sponsor events and serve LIS students.
Position of interest: Treasurer

Karalea Lane
In the fall, I will be a third semester student in the Library Science program. As a distance student, I realize the importance of internet communication; it is the only way we have to make contact with our classmates. During my undergrad, I was the social media secretary for an equality group on campus. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, we utilized Blackboard. In doing this, more students were aware of activities and meetings. Since many of us are distance students, it only makes sense that the ALA group utilize Blackboard in such a way. As social media engineer, I would like to bring the group to the people by using this feature. For most of us, the Blackboard screen is our classroom. Currently, I’m employed at Garnet A Wilson Public Library of Pike County and am one of the library’s Facebook page managers. The responsibility to maintain a relaxed, informative yet professional page is one I take seriously. It is a responsibility I promise to uphold while utilizing social media to represent the group.
Position of interest: Social Media Engineer

Rebecca Freihaut
I am interested in the Louisville Representative position.  I’ve already been acting as the Louisville area representative for LISSO this past year, and would love to promote ALA as well.  There are quite a few Louisville area distance learning students, and since I’ve already made many of those connections, I could continue that same work with ALA events.  Currently I am emailing Louisville area students, connecting with them through social media, etc.  Our Louisville LISSO groups meets once a month for dinner and coffee.  I would like to do something a bit more formal with ALA, such as planning carpooling to Lexington occasionally for events and planning opportunities to network with ALA members in Louisville.
Position of interest: Louisville Representative


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